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Maafushi is a charming island located in the South Malé Atoll of the Maldives. Known for its pristine beaches, clear turquoise waters, and vibrant coral reefs, it is a popular destination for tourists seeking both adventure and relaxation. Maafushi offers a range of activities including snorkeling, diving, and exploring the local culture. The island is also notable for its affordable guesthouses, making it a great option for budget travelers. Despite its small size, Maafushi has a variety of dining options and vibrant nightlife, ensuring visitors have a well-rounded experience.


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Points of interest

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Bikini Beach

This is the main beach of Maafushi, where visitors can sunbathe, swim, and participate in water sports. The beach is divided into two sections: one for swimsuits and another for traditional Muslim clothing.

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Local village of Maafushi

The local village of Maafushi is a great place to stroll and buy souvenirs. There are also a number of restaurants serving Maldivian and international cuisine.

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Maafushi, located in the Malé South Atoll, just 27 kilometers from the capital, Malé, is one of the largest and most popular local islands in the Maldives archipelago. Unlike the isolated luxury resorts that are often associated with the Maldives, Maafushi offers a more authentic and accessible experience, without sacrificing the stunning natural beauty.