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How does traveling with Drimer work?

Drimer is a new way of traveling. We transform unique experiences into complete trips. With Drimer you will be able to live the same experience that you have seen from the best travel creators or influencers on social networks.
Travel in a few simple steps
Get inspired by a travel creator
Choose your destination and configure your trip
Formalize the booking
We prepare the whole trip for you
Your turn... Let's travel!

Do you follow any trip creators? You can live the same experience by buying the complete trip, or discover the trip you are looking for among its entire collection of trips.

You can also be inspired by the other travel creators on our platform, expert travelers from all over the world.

Choose the number of people that you are going to go, the category of the trip and most importantly, on what dates.

In all our trips you will be able to choose between travel categories, which basically differentiate between hotel categories or types of activities included.

You will not have to pay anything until a few days before the trip, you will only have to leave your payment information so that we can charge you for the trip when the time comes.

Don't worry about everything else, Drimer works for you. You will receive vouchers/receipts for all contracted services: hotels, activities, car rental, flights, etc. Everything in your email so you can download it and have it in your possession when you travel.

Once you have prepared the suitcases, your turn has come, it is time to enjoy. You have the support of the trip creator to ask for more trip recommendations, where to go, what to visit more, where to eat, anything you need!

And if you have any problem with your reservations, you can contact us so that we can help you solve it, before, during or after your trip.

What does a trip with Drimer include?
Accommodation for every night
Internal transport during the days of the trip
Interesting activities during the trip
Assistance from the Drimer team and the trip creator
Each trip is different, for this reason in the detail of the trip you will be able to see what the specific trip includes. If you have any questions about what is included, you can contact us to clarify all your doubts.
Do you still have doubts about how we work?