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The Drimer Experience

Drimer's team

Drimer is a new way of traveling. We transform unique experiences into complete trips. With Drimer you will be able to live the same experience that you have seen from the best travel creators or influencers on social networks.

We are an online travel agency integrated with different providers of flights, stays, activities, car rental, etc., in order to transform these guides into bookable trips. When you book a trip, Drimer takes care of everything so you only have to worry about the most important thing: packing.

We offer you everything in a single platform, the help and recommendations of the trip creators, who will be available to you when you have questions about the itinerary or anything about your trip, and the help of Drimer, who will support you with any incident you may have. before, during and after your trip.

We change the way of traveling, from inspiration to being at your destination in just three clicks. We put the traveler, you, in the center.

The travel creator

Travel creators, or travel creators, are people who have dedicated themselves to traveling the world, many times understanding travel as a different way of living, and they share all their knowledge, tips and recommendations on their social networks, generating inspiration to thousands of people every day, who try to imitate or visit the same places.

Drimer is here to change the way you travel, and now we help content creators turn those experiences into bookable trips so you can enjoy them the way they did.

The traveler, you

Drimer is made for you, traveler. We want you to be able to reach the most curious corners, the most remote places, those that travel creators show us in their splendid videos and publications.

We prepare the trips with the creators so that you can have a complete trip just 2 clicks away. Live exactly the same experience, and don't worry about everything, Drimer does it for you.

The world

Traveling is one of the most important ways to enrich yourself as a human being: learning about new cultures, encountering nature, living unique moments together as a family, even traveling just to meet new people or yourself. Traveling is a way of understanding life.

At Drimer we believe in freedom, and we think that we are in a new era that allows us to live where we want and how we want. For that reason, we created Drimer, because we believe that the world is changing, that the way of traveling, of living, too. Drimer is for dreamers, for those who want to be part of the world and for those who want to contribute to enjoying it, taking care of it and improving it.