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Takayama is a beautiful city located in the mountainous Hida region of Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Known for its well-preserved Edo-period streets, Takayama offers a glimpse into Japan's rich history and culture. Visitors can explore the ancient wooden structures, museums, and local artisan shops that line the old town. The city is also famous for its biannual Takayama Festival, considered one of Japan's most beautiful festivals. Additionally, Takayama serves as a gateway to the Japanese Alps and the scenic Shirakawa-go village, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses.


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Points of interest

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Old Town of Takayama

This historic district features cobblestone streets and traditional wooden houses that date back to Japan's feudal era. It is a charming place to stroll and explore the local architecture and culture.

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Hida Kokubunji Temple

Built in the 8th century, this ancient Buddhist temple is famous for its exquisite moss garden and serene atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy the peace and beauty while exploring its grounds.

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Jinya-mae Market

A traditional market where locals sell fresh produce, crafts, and souvenirs. It is a perfect place to immerse yourself in the daily life of Takayama and try some local delicacies.

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