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Nusa Penida

Semarapura, also known as Klungkung, is the main town on the island of Nusa Penida and serves as its administrative center. Located in the Klungkung Regency of Bali, Indonesia, Semarapura is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. Visitors can explore the Klungkung Palace, a historic site that showcases traditional Balinese architecture and art. The town is a gateway to the beautiful landscapes and marine life of Nusa Penida, attracting tourists who seek adventure, snorkeling, and diving experiences. Semarapura's vibrant markets and authentic Balinese cuisine further enhance its appeal as a tourist destination.
Nusa Penida


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Points of interest

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Kelingking Beach

This beach is known for its unique rock formation, which resembles a T-Rex. Visitors can swim, sunbathe or walk to the top of the cliff for stunning views.

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Goa Giri Putri

Goa Giri Putri is a remarkable cave temple located on Nusa Penida island, Indonesia. It is famous for its unique entrance, which involves crawling through a small opening to reach the larger cave complex. Inside, visitors can explore the vast, dimly lit grotto, which is adorned with Hindu statues and shrines. The temple is a significant spiritual site for the Balinese, and pilgrims come to pray and participate in ceremonies. The serene atmosphere and the sense of ancient mystery make Goa Giri Putri a must-visit for those traveling to Nusa Penida.

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Broken Beach

Broken Beach, known locally as Pasih Uug, is one of the most picturesque coastal spots on Nusa Penida island, Indonesia. It features a natural archway that spans over crystalline blue waters, creating a circular cove surrounded by towering cliffs. The unique geological formation is a result of sea and wind erosion over hundreds of years. Visitors can enjoy the stunning sea views, observe marine life, and take in the dramatic coastal scenery. Broken Beach is a popular destination for photographers and nature lovers alike.

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Angel's Billabong

Angel's Billabong is a stunning natural infinity pool on Nusa Penida island, Indonesia. This natural pool is formed by the meeting of the cliff rocks and the ocean, creating a lagoon with crystal clear water that offers spectacular views of the coastline and the Indian Ocean. During low tide, visitors can swim and relax in the calm, clear waters. The unique rock formations and the vibrant marine life make Angel's Billabong a fascinating spot for both relaxation and photography.

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